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Hey!Hello!¡Hola!Hallo!Ola!Bonjour!Ni Hua!Karibu!Ohayo!Szia!I’m Anna

A senior branding, marketing, product development, business growth and digital transformation consultant, leading brand equity, product and media innovation from a strategic, creative and an operational perspective. 

I have worked with and provided consultancy services for companies on various global and national accounts, setting strategy for large international branding and digital marketing frameworks as well as have helping clients to launch and optimise localised, niche marketing project and campaigns.

My clients work with me as they know that I can help them achieve bespoke brand, business and operational success, including a creative concept and owned assets that forms, translates and communicates the essence of their company, revenue and community expansion that consequently creates equity growth for shareholders, and a large scale online and social engagement with the different target audiences around the world, be from Seoul to San Francisco or from Budapest to Beijing.

For every client I provide a tailor made consultant and management service with a clear focus on how to improve brand perception, business equity and meet with overall revenue, ExCo and board goals. I offer strategy, project leadership, team development and management for a full range of branding and marketing services.

Cultivate & Expand


Brand equity, marketing and digital transformation consultancy and project delivery for organisations, using in-depth marketing, design, growth and tech industry knowledge to deliver the best business results.

Measure & Understand


Utilise insight, data, and analytics in order to strategically drive decision making on digital transformation, unique branding to maximalise brand and financial performance.

Utilise & Evolve


Take the advantage of the latest cutting edge software and platforms in brand management, AI assisted marketing communications, performance measurement and analysis.