Search Engine Marketing

If you or your company has an online presence, organic and paid search engine marketing can help you to get more out of your business. The SEO & PPC strategies and practices I implement are driven by data and will help you reach your target audience with smart positioning, creative content will bring authority to your online presence. These SEO & PPC processes cover all the key elements of a successful search marketing strategy.

1. Strategic
From our first meeting, I’ll do everything to have a clear picture of your business, your industry, your clients and your competitors. With this knowledge, I will be able to create integrated search marketing campaigns that are ranked high by search engines and reach the right social channels with the right message.

Campaign building and search marketing consultancy
I provide insights into how visitors arrive to your site and how they behave once there. Digital acquisition funnel analytics also keep an eye on your conversion rate and tell you how to maximise your ROI from your digital marketing and search marketing budgets.
• Search trends
• Competitor benchmarking
• Keyword positions
• Acquisition funnel analytics
• Bounce rate
• Conversion rate
• Digital channel attribution modelling
• Traffic and conversion sources

2. Technical
With years of experience and an in-depth understanding of technical search marketing (SEO and PPC metrics), I can help your business to improve your website’s performance in ways that search engines love and ensure that your webpage code is appropriate.

Site Audit
No two websites are the same, but each page on your website must meet certain technical requirements in order to achieve a better search engine positions. With years of technical knowledge, I can add value to your website that makes a positive impact to your search engine rankings.

Whilst I am looking at your web pages I analyse:
• Site map, navigation, link structure
• URL and Meta title and descriptions
• HTML tags
• Content optimisation and duplicate content
• Robots txt. and crawl analysis
• Page speed and load times
• 302/301 Redirects, 4.. Errors, 5.. Errors

Keyword Research and Analysis:
Keyword research and analysis is an essential part of any SEO campaign and I can identify the best keywords to target for developing your online presence. Keywords are about understanding people’s behaviour, realising opportunities and helping you maximise your product/service offering.

I look for:
• Core keywords for your industry
• Quick wins (words for which we can achieve quick rankings)
• Long tail keywords (keywords with shorter volumes but higher conversion rates)
• Seasonal keywords (offers and popular searches in a given calendar period)
• Foreign language keywords (if you need multilingual SEO campaigns)

3. Creative
All SEO & PPC campaigns I create for you will be infused with plenty of creativity.

Link building
Search engines determine value by the quality of backlinks pointing to your site and by the social media activities that surround your brand. That’s why the site audit, keyword research & analysis are followed by an extensive content building and social media campaigns, and this is where we can get the imagination and the creative inspiration flowing:

Digital copywriting: I can support you in coming up ideas and/or creating content that will engage your core audience whilst it is promoting your business.
Blogger, Influencer and Vlogger outreach: I use a highly PR-driven approach to give your brand a smarter voice by connecting with those international voices who can spread the word about your services and products.
Creative link building: I can help you to implement & produce innovative content using competitions, infographics, widgets and appealing micro-sites.